Cardinal Burke’s Blistering Warning About The Synod On Synodality

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It’s a revolution in the Church, and he’s saying it too.




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2 thoughts on “Cardinal Burke’s Blistering Warning About The Synod On Synodality

  1. Concerning physical confrontation between Eastern
    Catholics —Syrian-Malabar Rite —thanks for
    bringing us Westerners in touch with our India
    Catholics. I immediately tied their fiery dispositions
    with other historical Eastern Church . . and not just
    Catholic, but Hindu-Moslem tragic confrontations
    after Britain handed over Sovereignty after Gahndi’s
    non-violent protests.

    The Arian Crisis broke out swinging during the
    Council of Ephesis (425AD), with Bishop (ST.)
    Nicholas punching Arius himself. The Bishop of
    Myra [ Nicholas ] is portrayed [ in paintings ]
    with somewhat of a “sideways” nose.

    Small wonder that the Syro-Malabar folks can
    STILL hot under the collar.

  2. Very thoroughly examined and evaluated !

    Much appreciated, Anthony.

    Thank you, and continued prayers.

    Prairie Grandpa Bob.


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