2 thoughts on “Bishop Strickland Issues Warning Letter To The Faithful

  1. Of all the recent words from our so-called “better” upper clergymen, this by far is the true essence and meaning of what it means to be a faithful Catholic in word and in deed because it is the Gospel and the Gospel, of course means that we carry our cross. I believe we are going to under go the Cross as faithful Catholics. Please remember that we cannot and will not experience the Resurrection unless we first carry the Cross. I have been listening to the late, great Fr. Gregory Hesse again and I urge you to go to the internet and seek out these talks as they are completely Catholic in the sense that they are based on the true traditional faith. Fr. Hesse will always be the go-to expert on Catholic truth. God rest his soul.

  2. Bishop Strickland’s letter to his Lay people: a
    blueprint detailing a baptized Catholic’s “agenda”
    for life . . i.e. LIFE. The whole reason for CONTINUING
    to live in, for, by, and through Christ.

    ” . . won’t earn him many friends in the Curia” ??
    Anthony, the few —if any —who are friendly to Bp.
    Strickland have just been thrown an ANCHOR by
    this faithful Son of the Church, not that these
    friends “on the inside” ever had any doubts about
    any portion of the Church’s Sacred Deposit of Faith.

    The others have NO anchor, no ROCK as a foundation.
    For these we all know what happens during a REAL Storm,
    come CHRIST’S final Judgement . . schism or no schism.

    SEPARATE ? ?

    That’s THEIR truculent, heels-dug-in choice . .
    with the “Smoke of Satan” issuing from their
    dragging heels.


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