Breaking Bombshell Report: Benedict XVI Book

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Having Benedict confirm everything we’ve said about the bishops is a good thing.



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5 thoughts on “Breaking Bombshell Report: Benedict XVI Book

  1. Glenn Beck announced today (1/24/23) that his radio show tomorrow would be largely dedicated to this book. He is to have a Catholic expert on the show. He didn’t mention who the Catholic expert is to be.

  2. What Benedict said surpasses the 1/3 stars from scripture that have fallen. It’s worse than i thought.

  3. “A ( @6:00 ff ) vast collapse . . ” countered last year or the year
    before by Cardinal Sarah ( & Benedict XVI) in their book on
    the Church’s gift of CELIBACY for Priests.

    Yes, the continued silence on this is deafening .. a self-
    accusing silence, which confirms most Catholic Bishops
    being enemies of the Church, and —by implication —
    enemies of the Church’s TRUE and COMPLETE teachings
    governing Faith and Morals.

    Concerning the WHOLE James Martin ( & Co.) vocabulary:
    doesn’t St. Paul teach that words SPECIFYING acts of
    perversion should NOT EVEN BE MENTIONED ?? . .
    since the very MENTIONING would bring to the mind
    of those listening a “picture” (in THEIR imagination!)
    of those very perverse deeds!

    “St. Joseph, terror of Demons, pray for us !”

    “St. Michael, protector with St. Joseph of Holy
    Mother Church, pray for us!”

    “St. Agnes and all you Holy Martyrs and Virgins,
    pray for us!”

  4. Sadly this is all true and more. I did read this bombshell this morning before listening to your video on the topic. It was posted on FromRome Info by Br. Alexis Bugnolo from his website, From Rome Info located in Rome Italy. I own and have read the 1969 book, “Good Bye, Good Men” by Michael S. Rose years ago before the world was enlightened on the subject at hand. That book, which was a bombshell because it gives firsthand testimony to this very topic, was my first encounter w/the rampant evil goings on in many seminaries all over the world. I lived in the Albany, NY diocese for many years. Just outside of the City in a small town was a very large and very beautiful major seminary until it became a shadow of itself and was used primarily for teaching catechesis to religious who taught in the local Catholic schools and for those of us who wanted to teach as lay persons within the diocese and also as a rehab facility for priests, etc. Because I was part of the Core Team at a local church within the diocese, I and another Core Team member had to attend classes there to prep us before the program was implemented at the church we were to serve. We later learned what was really going on within the diocese and how our diocesan priests, bishops, etc. were involved. Yes, I can attest that this cancer in the world and in the church continues to exist and is not only ignored by those in church hierarchy but continues to be practiced all over the world. When John 23rd, a known Mason, became pope in 1960 he was supposed to be the Fatima pope who would reveal the Third Secret as Sr. Lucia had stated. He said,”It was not for our time” and instead opened the Church to the WORLD. That should have been a huge red flag but it wasn’t and now we are experiencing the rotten fruits of his disobedience to Our Lady’s mandate. It continues and will continue until a true pope consecrates Russia AS OUR LADY MANDATED. A great time of sorrow is upon us. Please pray the Rosary daily and make reparation for sin.

    1. I can feel your sorrow, A. ! Veteran Exorcist Fr. Ripperger
      founded the Priestly association of OUR LADY OF
      SORROWS, the DOLORANS. If ever we WANT to know
      what virtue/ vice MOST to work on, Fr. R. instructs us
      that —asking Our Lady of Sorrows —she will let us know
      (for sure!) WITHIN A WEEK. I’m quite sure of my own
      LIFE’s work in Spiritual Combat.

      By the same token, she above all can empathize with our
      own sorrows . . and communicate her CARE for us, both in
      revealing what we need to “work on” and in her Maternal
      Love for her children. so hard-won by her Son’s

      “Virgin most powerful, pray for us !”


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