Francis Publicly Rejects Church Infallible Teaching

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You cannot be absolved from sins in the confessional unless you have the intention to go forth and sin no more. Not that Francis seems to care about that.




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6 thoughts on “Francis Publicly Rejects Church Infallible Teaching

  1. The hierarchy doesn’t seem to care. This is the most scandalous thing. The second is the Catholic media insisting that he’s a legitimate pope who teaches formal heresy but is not a heretic. How are converts supposed to believe in the faith.

    1. ALL Catholic media? Certainly not Remnant TV. Secondly,
      converts are drawn to the Church because its Sacred Deposit
      of Faith —or anything True, and Beautiful, and Good — is
      REAL . . . whether or not the MEDIA care. “Where evil abounds”
      says St. Paul about Christ, “MY GRACE abounds MORE”.
      If people are drawn to the Church because of Pope Francis
      and his promotion of, for example, Synodality —such as EWTN
      is is in sync with —then we’d better believe that God DOES
      and WILL “write straight with crooked lines”.

      1. What does the Church teach about formal heretics holding offices in the Church? What does Canon Law teach?

        Don’t worry, I’m not leaving the Church, but you do understand the frustration with the gaslighting by most of the Catholic media?

        1. Great questions. Thank you. Will do my own homework
          on them per the Catechism of the Catholic Church
          ( . . and subsequently Fr. Francis Spirago’s exhaustive
          volume, “The Catechism Explained”. . first printed and
          published in 1899 by Benziger Brothers, Printers to the
          Holy Apostolic See, “A practical manual, made attractive
          and interesting by illustrations, comparisons, and
          quotations from the Scriptures, the Fathers, and other

          RE-published by Forgotten Books, 2012,

          1. Post Script: Oops !! . . after checking out this website
            I immediately wondered how many of this titles USED
            to belong to the INDEX OF FORBIDDEN BOOKS !!

            Hang on tight to your precious Faith, fellow Catholics!
            . . i.e. study it and KNOW it !

            Prairie Grandpa Bob

  2. From the early CATHOLIC America Missions.
    Two very brief excerpts. Fr. DeSmet was from Belgium:

    “Black Robe, welcome to our country. Long have we
    desired to see you and be enlightened by your words.
    I remember distinctly the day we first heard of the one
    and only true God. Since then it is to Him we have
    addressed our prayers and supplications, and yet we
    are much to be pitied. We DO NOT KNOW THE
    darkness. But now I hope you have come to bring
    us light. I have finished. Speak, Black Robe! Every
    ear is open and eager to hear your words.”
     —1842, welcome from a Flathead (Salish) Indian chief.

    ” . . If old Europe repudiated the Faith, the Church
    now beheld new sons coming to her from the
    other side of the ocean . . ” (ch XXV)

    Pope Bl. Pius IX’s gratitude for the gifts, concern, and
    prayers —July 31, 1871 —from the Coeur d’Alènes
    (another Rocky Mtn. tribe): ” . . . Your sorrow over the
    attacks made against the Church, as well as your
    devotion and filial love for the Holy See, is a striking
    proof of the faith and charity that fill your hearts,
    UNITY . . ” ( ch. XXV)

    This being the first brief ever addressed to an
    Indian Chief by a Sovereign Pontiff, it was
    communicated (Aug. 15, 1872) to the Coeur
    d’Alènes. One is reminded of current Liturgical
    celebrations where the Knights of Columbus
    lead a Eucharistic procession:

    Fr. Cataldo (fellow missionary with Fr. DeSmet)
    assembled several mountain tribes, ” . . each
    one of which was represented by a large
    delegation. The resultant procession was . .
    ” . . headed by twelve acolytes in surplices
    (holding) tapers. Then came the missionaries
    in copes and dalmatics, preceding a statue of
    THE BLESSED VIRGIN, placed on a dias
    ornamented with flowers and garlands and
    carried by the four head chiefs. To the right
    and to the left of the statue walked two lines
    of Indian Soldiers in full dress and armed.
    Then followed an immense concourse in
    serried ranks, RECITING THE ROSARY &

    The procession stopped before the improvised
    altar. High Mass was said in the open and the
    neophytes received holy communion. The
    ceremony over, one of the missionaries read
    (in Latin) Pope Pius IX’s letter, (which) was
    then translated into the dialects of the
    Coeur d’Alènes, Kalispels, Kettles, Nes
    Percés, and Yakimas. Every head was bowed
    to receive the Holy Father’s benediction, and
    from that time [ these mountain tribes ] felt
    themselves ennobled . . (It) was their charter
    of admittance into the fold of Christ”

    As for Fr. DeSmet, he found in the Holy Father’s
    benevolence and in the neophytes’ fervour
    the greatest recompense for his labours.”
    (ch. XXV)

     — Apostle Of The Rocky Mountains: 1801-
    1873. The Life Of Fr. DeSmet SJ, by Fr. E.
    Laveille SJ ; transl. from French by Marian
    Lindsay; TAN, 1915, P.J. Kenedy & Sons, NY.

    Reprinted in 1981 and in 2000 by TAN in
    arrangement with the Southern Belgian Province
    of the Society of Jesus. Illustrations c/o Midwest
    Jesuit Archives, St. Louis, Missouri, & the
    Jesuit Oregon Province Archives, Gonzaga
    Univ., Spokane, WASH.


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