Francis SLAMS Faithful Catholics For Wanting The Faith

The Modernists changed a lot more than the liturgy, though the change to the liturgy did change the faith and what we believe. YouTube: Spotify: Sources: https://www. Bishop Athanasius Schneider: The Springtime That Never Came (book)

Is Ted McCarrick Still Manipulating The Catholic Church?

With Francis’ recent promotions it looks like he’s the one running the Church. YouTube: Spotify: Sources:

Francis Is Using Cruelty & Fear To Keep The Bishops In Line

Fear is one of his primary tools for subverting the faith YouTube: Spotify: Sources:

New Details About The Pachamama Event Show That What Francis Did Was Far Worse Than Anyone Realized

People claim that he loves our Lady, but his actions speak otherwise. YouTube: Spotify: Sources: coin was issued on October 16, the anniversary of the founding of St Max’s Militia Immaculata. Minted October 7, feast of our lady of the rosary

Francis Is Rumored To Be Resigning. Is It Actually True This Time?

Probably not, but today I go over the evidence for why it may be true and what signs to look for. YouTube: Spotify: Sources:

Francis Is Making One Of The Most Wicked Men A Cardinal

It’s time to get to know Bishop McElroy. We’ll be hearing a lot about him in the future. YouTube: Spotify: Sources:

Bishop Robert Barron’s Huge News That Everyone’s Getting Wrong

He’s not getting punished, they’re preparing him for the future. YouTube: Spotify: Sources: