The War Of Words Between Bishop Paprocki & Cardinal McElroy Heats Up

And surprise, surprise: the Modernists were worked up into a lather over Bishop Paprocki’s truthful statements. YouTube Spotify Sources

Francis Declares Trads Are Faithless Ideologues While Actually Being An Ideologue

Translation: “I know you are but what am I?!” YouTube Spotify Sources

Venomous Heretics Jubilantly Celebrate Francis’ Latest Wicked Act

The perceived ‘death of the TLM’ has the usual suspects prancing in their rainbow leotards in the streets. YouTube Spotify Sources

The Part Of The Fatima Message The Laity Ignored, and Pius XII’s Peace Message

A peace message seems timely, and Lent is a season of penance, so starting the Five First Saturdays is appropriate for Lent. YouTube Spotify (Spotify is having some issues and isn’t posting the podcast versions for some reason) Sources Pius XII YouTube

Did Francis Just Do Something WORSE Than PACHAMAMA?

Is building temples for false worship worse than idolatry? YouTube Spotify Sources

BREAKING: Francis Doubles Down On Insult To Bishops With New Latin Mass Decree

Say goodbye to your loopholes preventing Traditionis Custodes from taking effect. YouTube Spotify Sources