Francis Is Trying To Destroy Archbishop Georg Ganswein

The archbishop, friend and secretary of Benedict XVI, said Benedict ‘made a mistake’ in his resignation. YouTube Spotify Sources

Cardinal Warns: The Synod Is Secretly Trying To Change The Faith

The Synod won’t do it itself, but it will create the mechanisms to allow it to happen in the future. YouTube Spotify Sources

Francis Hands Out Diabolic Instructions For Remaking The Church

Once upon a time the Pact of the Catacombs was secret. A few years ago the Vatican admitted it was real. Now they’re handing it out as instructions for the Synod of Sin. YouTube Spotify Sources Click to access Catacomb%20Pact%20-%20English.pdf

BREAKING: Heretic Bishop Announces The Church MUST Abandon APOSTOLIC TRADITION

The Synod is taking the mask off in the waning days of the Synod of Sin. YouTube Spotify Sources Vatican Council I, Dogmatic Constitution on the Faith (1870), DZ 1792.

The Vatican Declares: The Church MUST Change! Faithful Scandalized.

A lot of this will be hitting the news this week. They’re trying to get us ready for what’s coming. YouTube Spotify Sources

Sunday: Satan Tempts Christ In The Desert, & The Vatican Wants Us To Pray For Demons (no, seriously)

The Synod of Sin has earned its nickname with this. LiveStream on Demons: Sources page 29 of the text below: Tim Gordon’s response using Aquinas: Satan Tempts Christ YouTube Spotify

Francis Meets With Monstrous Heretics To Celebrate Blessing Sin

He’s overtly endorsing sodomitical unions. YouTube Spotify Sources

Synod Fathers Admit They’re Irreversibly Changing The Church, Plus We Were Warned The Livestream

The Synod of Synodality is debating providing blessings for unrepentant public sinners, which would be an endorsement of sin. St Hildegard of Bingen tried to warn us about these times. Synod video: Spotify Sources Livestream: Sources