The Church Must Reject The Faith, Says Wicked Cardinal

If you change any part of the moral law, the entirety of the claims of the Church to being infallible and divine in origin are destroyed. Video: Audio: Sources:–das-zoelibat-und-den-missbrauchsskandal-31740200.html

We Were Warned: The Third Secret Of Fatima & The State Of The Church

Cardinals tried to tell us what the contents of the Third Secret were. We didn’t listen. Video: Audio: Sources: Sr Lucia’s method for the First Saturday’s meditation:,33009,837117-1,00.html

The Laity Are BEGGING The Hierarchy To End Heresies Before Its Too Late

Maybe they should listen to the laity just this once. Video: Audio: Sources:,33009,886336-2,00.html

What No One Is Talking About With Francis’ Fatima Consecration

There are consequences and logical outcomes from everything we do, but especially for something of this magnitude. It seems like no one has given a thought to what will happen if Francis’ consecration is successful. Given that the errors of Russia have spread so far and wide that the entire social order is intertwined withContinue reading “What No One Is Talking About With Francis’ Fatima Consecration”

The Fatima Consecration: Will The Bishops Of The Whole Catholic World Participate?

That appears to be up in the air still, which is not good news. Video: Audio: Sources:

Rogue Bishops Continue To Promote Heresy…

We are approaching the consecration of Russia which, if it works, will banish heresy. Maybe the German bishops should take note. Video: Audio: Sources:

New Dreadful Vocations Numbers Illustrate Demonic Nature Of Modernism

News emerges while most of us are watching the Fatima news Video: Audio: Source:

Francis Bestows Upon Himself Bizarre New Title In Latest Decree

Sometimes it feels like the Vatican makes a huge announcement that gets everyone talking just so they can then issue a new change to how the Church is run or structured so no one will notice. Am I crazy? Video: Audio: Sources:

Bishops BEG The Germans To Stop Their Heretical Synod

The video was supposed to go live in the middle of this past week but the Fatima announcements delayed this, requiring a special weekend update. Source: