Francis Appoints An Enemy Of Christ To Key Vatican Post

If you don’t see why appointing an advocate for abortion and population control to a post in the Pontifical Academy For Life is a problem then I can’t help you. YouTube: Spotify: Sources:

Francis & His Henchmen Admit They’re Using The Synod To Change The Church

Maybe that admission is why no one wants to take part in the Synod in the first place. Spotify: YouTube: Sources:

Modernists Declare Faithful Bishop Part Of ‘Devil’s Duo’ In Retaliation

A late post today. my apologies. YouTube: Spotify: Sources:

Cardinal Warns Of “Hostile Takeover” Of The Church While The Heretics Celebrate

Cardinal Muller’s infamous talk with Raymond Arroyo is causing quite the stir in the Church. YouTube: Spotify: Sources:

Francis Is Going To “Canonize” Non-Catholic “Saints”

Welcome to the Church of Everyone, where all are welcome except Catholics who object to the nu-religion. YouTube: Spotify: Sources: https://www.

Senior Vatican Cardinal Brags That The Synod’s Goal Is To Change The Faith

Cardinal Mario Grech is saying the quiet part out loud. YouTube: Spotify: Sources:

Weekend Update: Modernists Bragging, and Vandals Smashing

Modernists: YouTube: Spotify: Source:,33009,837117-1,00.html Vandals: Spotify: Source: Click to access Are_the_Artists_Going_Mad.pdf

Did Malachi Martin Leak The Real Third Secret Of Fatima?

Given what he had to say over numerous talks and in various books, he may well have. YouTube: Spotify: Sources: Father Malachi Martin Interview with Bernard Janzen 1992, The Kingdom of Darkness Father Malachi Martin Interview with Art Bell on May 4, 1998 Father Malachi Martin Interview with Art Bell on July 13, 1998 (theContinue reading “Did Malachi Martin Leak The Real Third Secret Of Fatima?”

Cardinal Defiles Cathedral By Leading Public Pagan Ritual

Smudge rituals are demonic. YouTube: spotify: Sources:

The Enemies Of Christ Are Planning To Destroy The Seal Of Confession

Apparently the seal of confession is a loophole for sex abusers, according to our enemies. YouTube: Spotify: Sources: