Francis Is About To Remake The Church In America

A whole lot of bishops are about to retire. YouTube Spotify Sources

Francis Accidentally Stated What The Real Goal of the Synod Is And Why It Will Fail

You can’t remake the Church and expect it to go well. YouTube Spotify Sources

Senior Cardinal Denounces Attempts By Heretics To Secularize The Church

Why is it always the Germans? YouTube Spotify Sources Saturday Educational Video: The Antichrist in Approved Private Revelation: The Book of Enoch, According to Fr R Gerald Culleton YouTube Spotify

The Modernists BRAG About What Francis Is Doing To The Church

They keep repeating that its a new religion, so why won’t we listen? YouTube Spotify Sources,better%20policy%20prescriptions.

The Vatican Issues Half-Hearted Response To German Schism

That’s to be expected I guess. YouTube Spotify Sources

Cardinals Burke & Muller Call For Excommunication & Removal Of Heretic Bishops

….to be done by a man many suspect of being an arch-heretic. YouTube Spotify Sources

Pachamama Returns & Exposes The Synod of Synodality

We knew it was only a matter of time before the Pacha demon made an appearance at a Synodal event. YouTube Spotify Sources

Unbelievable! Catholic Organization Calls For An End To The Clergy

Honestly, how is this just not protestantism? YouTube Spotify Sources