Cupich & Francis Strike Again

Dare we hope that our bishops will try to save Joe Biden’s soul instead of coddling his heresy? Video: Audio: Sources: Vatican intervention Marco Tosatti: Cupich statement CNA: National Catholic Distorter

New Sacraments & The Garden of Saints

This has been a busy week, but there were stories missed due to the madness. Video: Audio: Sources:

Vigano: Francis and the Ape of the Church

Archbishop Vigano is saying that the false Church of Prophecy is upon us, being built at the dictates of the sanity dictatorship as a direct consequence of Vatican 2. See the Vigano post from yesterday for the full uncensored letter on alternative platforms. Video: Audio: Sources:

Those Ash Wednesday Changes Are A Distraction

Whenever a story happens that gets your blood pressure up, see what the Church is doing in the world of the City of Man — that is, in the secular, political world. Usually there’s something else going on. Video: Audio: Sources: