Good Priest CANCELED By Laity For Being Too Rigidly Catholic

This isn’t just a problem in America or Europe. YouTube: Spotify: Sources:

Faithful Laymen Publicly Challenge Pachamama Worshiping Bishop To Repent

The bishop is, predictably, not impressed by their request. YouTube: Spotify: Sources: https:// https://

Vigano vs Bendict XVI On The Validity Of Vatican 2

Benedict releases a letter that got little attention that celebrated one of the changes to the faith at Vatican 2, but Vigano responds forcefully. YouTube: Spotify: Sources: Also: St Vincent of Lerins, ‘God Curses Anyone Who Tries To Change The Catholic Faith’ YouTube:

Irish Priest Canceled by His Bishop For Speaking The Truth

How dare he preach on *checks notes* Catholic morality at a Catholic Mass? YouTube: Spotify: Sources: