Bishop Robert Barron’s Huge News That Everyone’s Getting Wrong

He’s not getting punished, they’re preparing him for the future. YouTube: Spotify: Sources:

Francis Is Continuing His War On The Church With Even More Wicked Promotions

The worst anti-Tradition cardinals are now in charge of the Traditional Latin Mass YouTube: Spotify: Sources:

Nancy Pelosi Defiantly Defended By The Modernists

It was bound to happen: the Modernists have started to fall in line behind Nancy Pelosi, probably at the orders of their mutual Father Below. Youtube: Spotify: Sources:

Francis Is Making The Two WORST ENEMIES Of Tradition Into Cardinals

Bishop McElroy is an *alleged* same sex attraction afflicted individual, and Archbishop Arthur Roche is the architect of Francis’ war against the Apostolic Mass. YouTube: Spotify: Sources:

The Modernists Are Trying To Change The Rules Of The Next Conclave

Francis is still alive but they’re scrambling to get the next pope chosen already. YouTube: Spotify: Sources: In 2009 Ignatius Press released Father Joseph Ratzinger’s speech “What Will the Church Look Like in 2000” in full, in a book entitled Faith and the Future. https://www.

Lady Moloch (Nancy Pelosi) VIOLATES Archbishop Cordileone’s Holy Communion Ban

We knew it was going to happen. But who helped her commit this sacrilege? Youtube: Spotify: Sources:

Francis Calls For Dialogue With Everyone Except Trads While The Bishops Tune Him out

They’re beginning to ignore him. I doubt that’ll go well for them. YouTube: Spotify: Sources:

The Bishops Who Stand With Archbishop Cordileone Against Nancy Pelosi

Here are the names, so far. And the names of those who have signaled opposition to preserving the integrity of the Eucharist. YouTube: Spotify: Sources: