Scott Hahn Smeared

How dare Scott Hahn respect Bishop Strickland, Cardinal Burke, Bishop Schneider, and Archbishop Vigano? The Modernists can’t have possibly the most affable man in the mainstream church showing any signs of aligning with traditionalists, even if he isn’t actually aligning with anyone. YouTube Spotify Sources https://

Sunday Special: Livestream with Guest: Clearing Fr Malachi Martin’s Name

Fr Martin was the subject of a concerted effort to destroy his name because of things he exposed about the Jesuits. The guest is writing a book to clear his name and has evidence that the slanders against Malachi Martin were in fact slanders and calumnies. To support his crowd funding effort: Also, FultonContinue reading “Sunday Special: Livestream with Guest: Clearing Fr Malachi Martin’s Name”

Real Schism Is Here: Catholics Engage In Physical Battle Over The Mass

This isn’t a Traditionalist vs Novus Ordo battle, either. YouTube Spotify Sources Saturday educational: A Warning To Evil Priests by Pope St Gregory The Great

BREAKING: Pope Francis Doubles Down On The Biggest Lie Of Our Time

He’s doubling down on the climate agenda, because of course he is, and he’s doing it with a follow up to his most popular (with our evil rulers) document of his. YouTube Spotify Sources

Nuns Resist Bishop In Texas, Align Themselves With Vigano And Go Independent

Have they been excommunicated? YouTube Spotify Sources