And Now They’re Celebrating The Anniversary of Gross Heresy

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At this point, why not, right?




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3 thoughts on “And Now They’re Celebrating The Anniversary of Gross Heresy

  1. Ok, I cannot take this nonsense anymore. Aside from you accepting Bergoglio as “Pope” in the face of a mountain range of evidence that proves he is an anti-Pope WHY should we pray for someone who has done more damage to the Church than any person in the 21st century?

    1. We should pray for him because he is made in God’s image, is His son and Christ died for him.

  2. Anthony, thanks for this latest. Pope Francis approaching his OWN death? ( .. but then, aren’t we all ! ) We can only continue
    in our daily, family prayers for him. As for the second clip of Francis speaking: honeyed tones of voice with not a shred of
    personal CONVICTION, nor of PAPAL Authority; kind of just “one of the boys” for that matter . . as if one’s given mind and its purpose and its ability to discern, to THINK and to make CORRECT “rigid” conclusions is no longer needed. Just
    drip more honey onto me tongue, oh you nice man.
    At this moment, I’m also recalling —sorry, no factual source, merely remembering —reading of Father/ Bishop (?) Bergoglio sending his Priests into the Barrios to visit people . . who found that many families were “living the Fatima message” ( daily Rosary; Sacraments; devotion the the Sacred Heart . . Catholic stuff !). Are such as these now the “rigid” poor?

    Bob Sontrop


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