A New Message From Our Lady of Akita?

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Since there is some confusion about this, let’s be clear: this message is probably not real, for a number of reasons. I go into that in the video. However, the underlying message — the need for acts of penance — is obviously true. I just wish people wouldn’t co-opt Our Lady for pushing a message.




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4 thoughts on “A New Message From Our Lady of Akita?

  1. And there was an update on that affiliate’s web page, that they received a clarification that the time is short. “Spread the word.”

    I agree though for caution. So I haven’t spread the word on this new development pending a lot more prayer. A lot of misinfo in on the web too, Echoing Lori’s concerns, my circle is of devout but confused NO goers. So will adding another iffy prophecy really help?

    OTOH, reading that message led me to chain of research that lead me to the “Seven Ages of the Church” prophecy by Ven. Bartholomew. That timeline certainly line up with what Holy Mary has been saying for the last 400 years. So maybe I will bring up Akita but not the new development.

  2. It could start with something true and beneficial to our faith – prayer and penance is urgently necessary in our decrepit world. We let our guards down – and then a message eventually comes that sounds true, but wait, a little suspect…

    I have been through this a number of times, Medjugorje, Father Gobbi’s messages; what does it prosper us to look to messages at this time? Each one of us has to deepen to the nth degree in order to stand firm in our faith and love for others. We have to be firm on our own with God and our Catholic Tradition resources as our only companions, just in case everything goes bust.
    I worry about how many catholics are spending so much time on youtube and podcasts – I convict myself first. I realized that after keeping up with Taylor Marshall, Church Militant, Lifesite News, The Remnant, Raymond Arroyo – The World Over (Papal Posse segments), Terry and Jesse podcast, On the Median &Trending with Timmerie podcasts (strong pro-life, human person activist guidance), not to mention 1PeterFive and Canon 212 websites, well, where does the time come for interior prayer and Holy Spirit promptings? After watching the interview with the young hero, Alexander Tschugguel on John Henry Westin’s show I was surprised to see that there were similar interviews with Taylor Marshall and Michael Voris. I was tempted to watch others but decided to study/contemplate The Book of Wisdom a little.
    I love Sr. Agnes and know the Akita Messages. Why this one, now? It does not add an iota to the original messages. I think she might have received a personal message just for her, regarding her soul. I think her bishop had very good intentIons about releasing the new message. If we have a heart for Jesus and our Blessed Mother we cry and sigh continually for lost humanity.
    I worry about something to this effect with people that are attuned to religion in our atheistic world:

    2 Timothy 4. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

    The devil is pushed to the brink, I feel at this time. He needs to rout the faithful, strong Catholics. We have to be careful not to lose our way by looking outward.

    The above being said, I do faithfully listen to you, Anthony, because I am attuned to what you focus on in an always crystal clear way. You draw from impeccable sources and stay away from gossip, joking, etc. Also, unless you are doing a straight read-aloud from a classic work, such as Saint Newman’s Antichrist work, your podcasts are short. Your intelligent work is very important for me, in terms of spiritual growth and strengthening.I am trying to do my part within a novus ordo framework at the moment. Most of the parishioners do not know that there even was a Amazonian Synod, for example. They truly are like trusting sheep being led to the slaughter. I have to keep watch on the priests, etc. and hold them accountable.
    God has led me on a lonely, in terms of human companions journey but I am very strong inside.

    Sorry for the extra long comment. Just wanted to share some thoughts.

  3. Sr Agnes was the one who allegedly mentioned 30 years, not the angel. An important point, as that is one of the examples you use for calling the alleged message into question.


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