A Cardinal Often Compared To Benedict XVI Doesn’t Like Traditional Catholics

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Oh no, we’re being meanie poopoo headed trads again.






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3 thoughts on “A Cardinal Often Compared To Benedict XVI Doesn’t Like Traditional Catholics

  1. Thank you for calling attention to the Scola article, which knocks down a further illusion from the “conservative” narrative, that Scola was the one who was going to be the good pope, but for the coup. They are right, those who say Benedict offered no way out, but was treading water, and Scola would have been more of the same.

  2. I’m revisiting From The Depths Of Our Hearts, by Benedict XVI & Cardinal Sarah. The repeated
    visits to La Grande Chartreuse by Card. Sarah (2016) is a glad, if severe, refresher from the
    disputations swirling in the Hierarchies around the world, beginning with the Vatican itself. The
    deep Carthusian silences —stemming from St.Bruno’s motto, “God or nothing” —strip one’s soul
    of all the accoutrements of puffed-up ego and the acerbic taking of sides. Charity gone cold. The Wisdom of the ages left to collect dust.
    The purpose of the Cardinal’s visits was a young Monk, Brother Vincent, dying of MS, who could no longer speak, but who, in his silence was a profound mutual bond for the Cardinal, a
    protection against “the wolves” Cardinal Sarah would have to return to in Rome.

    How does one begin to found a Carthusian Charterhouse in Alberta, Canada . . or by the Rockies in Montana?

    Oremus Pro Invicem

    Prairie Grandpa


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