Why The Sudden Interest In Satanism?

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3 thoughts on “Why The Sudden Interest In Satanism?

  1. Excellent article. They (satanist) are becoming more pronounced, more accepted, more common while Christ our Lord and Church becomes diminished and gets pushed to the back more and more. Without anyone noticing. If our priest and Bishops do not step forward to defend our Church, and our laity sees this lack of concern, or fear, or the trivializing of the Blessed Eucharist, then it will continue (the Church) to diminish, and hence stop existing. Of course, we know this will not happen, Yet, the souls lost in this time will be shattering. Beware, good people. This is serious.

  2. That Satanists are becoming more emboldened in the midst of the enveloping breakdown of society, thus highlighting the devil’s involvement, is the message for me.


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