We Were Warned: War And The Great Chastisement

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This video could have just as easily been called ‘The Great Catholic Monarch And The Angelic Pope’ but then it wouldn’t have made as much sense as part of the ‘We Were Warned’ series.

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5 thoughts on “We Were Warned: War And The Great Chastisement

  1. Hi Anthony, Are these all online only resources? I can’t find in book form. Love your work. Thank you so much! Praying for you & your family.

  2. At 2:38, what is the name of the City/Country that is especially protected by the blessed virgin?
    Also could you share the sources of this prophecy? Who were the visionaries in more detail than just french monks and priests?

    1. They are posted. But here they are again. Sources:
      “The Return of the Lily”, Michel Morin, Chris Perrot, Edition du Trécarré, 1985
      “Journal of popular education”, by the Society for Elementary Instruction, Tome 9, Colas Edition, 1819

      “Memories of the Picardy Antiquities Society” , Volumes 50 to 51, Picardy Antiquities Society , Imprimerie Lemer elder, 1944
      “Tomorrow”, Baron de Novaye, 1905

  3. Sounds credible. But little is said about our current times or about the United States. Also, most of the prophecy takes place long after everyone currently on earth is gone. Maybe the timing is off.

    Seems to me things are so bad now in the world and the Church–what with anti-pope Bergoglio that God will act soon.


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