Vigano’s Solution To The War Against Tradition

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Vigano’s new letter challenges priests and bishops hostile to tradition to try something they’d find unthinkable.




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2 thoughts on “Vigano’s Solution To The War Against Tradition

  1. You continue to remain “the man of the hour”, keeping us abreast of the Treasure [the Mass of
    the Ages ] residing in the the memory, the breast, the pen and voice of the intrepid Archbishop. May the Martyrs of Nagasaki forward these Treasures into the hearts of succeeding generations
    for another four hundred years!

  2. Only a cold heart would find Vigano’s words un-affecting, uninspiring. We weep with Christ at loss, the casting away of the Latin Mass which inspires such awe and the desire for holiness. Only the devil would rejoice at such a tragedy.


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