Vigano Exclusive & Get Ready For A Pope WORSE Than Francis

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  1. Paul F

    His Excellency’s proposal is strikingly at odds with the supernatural vision provided by our Lady at Fatima: it seeks a human recourse in precisely an undertaking which requires a heavenly intervention. The only way out of the current quagmire is obedient fulfillment of the Collegial Consecration of Russia — a project so skewered by Mary’s enemies at the topmost echelons of the Church as to perpetrate in many circles the erroneous opinion that such has been a fait accompli since 1984. Given the cowardly deceit of Ratzinger by which Bergoglio is taken to be pontiff & his appointees to the College true cardinals, we are very much adrift. Despite his most elegant self-expression & frequently reliable analysis, Viganó seems to find the necessary focus a step he is unwilling to take: the Church must rise up in Faith, prayer & penance to beg of heaven the grace that the true pope order and execute the plan for peace articulated in July, 1917.


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