7 thoughts on “Vigano Exclusive & Get Ready For A Pope WORSE Than Francis

  1. His Excellency’s proposal is strikingly at odds with the supernatural vision provided by our Lady at Fatima: it seeks a human recourse in precisely an undertaking which requires a heavenly intervention. The only way out of the current quagmire is obedient fulfillment of the Collegial Consecration of Russia — a project so skewered by Mary’s enemies at the topmost echelons of the Church as to perpetrate in many circles the erroneous opinion that such has been a fait accompli since 1984. Given the cowardly deceit of Ratzinger by which Bergoglio is taken to be pontiff & his appointees to the College true cardinals, we are very much adrift. Despite his most elegant self-expression & frequently reliable analysis, Viganó seems to find the necessary focus a step he is unwilling to take: the Church must rise up in Faith, prayer & penance to beg of heaven the grace that the true pope order and execute the plan for peace articulated in July, 1917.

  2. I’ll happily join Archbishop Vigano’s Antiglobalist Alliance. Sign me up.

  3. Bologna has been a heretical See since the days before “the” “Council”.


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