UK Bishop: How To Worship Pagan Idols The Catholic Way

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One thought on “UK Bishop: How To Worship Pagan Idols The Catholic Way

  1. Anthony, you have to be kidding right? How can a man of the clothe tell anyone its just ducky to worship a foreign diety??? This mug is a heretic with a funny fish hat!
    Anthony, we need a video series on how to impeach a sitting bishop, cardinal and pope. There must be a historical precedence, somewhere….even from the midevel days…oh wait we are in them! 911 to fr Ripperger, like right now!!! Cast holy flaming chrisum upon all within the Vatican and jimmy (dats me boy) martin and half of the canadian mob and all of the German 4th Reich! My GOD!, HELP! we need an exorcismum and or excommunication on 2/3rds of the churchleaders! Fr Ripperger, FR RIPPERGER!!!


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