The Vatican II Church Of Ambiguity and Division

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An Italian priest has weighed in on the Vatican II debate involving Vigano and Schneider, and is calling for this debate to grow and be taken seriously.

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One thought on “The Vatican II Church Of Ambiguity and Division


    Monday, June 03, 2013
    Shock admission: Cardinal Kasper in L’Osservatore Romano: Vatican II deliberately unclear!

    “In L’Osservatore Romano (April 12, 2013), Cardinal Walter Kasper made the absolutely stunning admission that ambiguities were deliberately inserted into Vatican II documents — an admission that would pretty well vindicate all the alarms sounded by the likes of Michael Davies about “liturgical time bombs,” and the like. Specifically, Kasper is reported as admitting the following (emphasis mine):”

    “In many places, [the Council Fathers] had to find compromise formulas, in which, often, the positions of the majority are located immediately next to those of the minority, designed to delimit them. Thus, the conciliar texts themselves have a huge potential for conflict, open the door to a selective reception in either direction.”

    “For most Catholics, the developments put in motion by the council are part of the church’s daily life. But what they are experiencing is not the great new beginning nor the springtime of the church, which were expected at that time, but rather a church that has a wintry look, and shows clear signs of crisis.”

    “For those who know the story of the twenty councils recognized as ecumenical, this [the state of confusion] will not be a surprise. The post-conciliar times were almost always turbulent. The [Second] Vatican, however, is a special case.”

    Why is this not front and center in the discussion of the Catholic media?! This is a STAGGERING admission!


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