4 thoughts on “The Truth About Our Lady of Good Success

  1. I have been so blessed by your videos in recent months, so thank you and may God bless you, Anthony, for all you do for Him and His Church! I came across this video when searching for more information about Our Lady and Her prophecies. I had heard of Our Lady of Good Success, and I knew Our Lady predicted various things that would happen in the Church. I did not realize how hopeful the message actually was though and didn’t get the connection between Her title and the predictions, so thank you for your video. Translating Her title better would definitely be helpful, and I have a proposal. I don’t know if it will go anywhere, but I’d like to know what you think anyway! I’m quite familiar with Spanish (speak and have taught it), so from what my understanding is, the word ‘suceso’ is technically an ‘event’ but it can have the connotation of being a ‘success’ as in ‘completed or ended successfully’ particularly with the word ‘buen’ in front of it. That would mean that Our Lady of Good Success is not exactly a wrong translation, but it doesn’t include the purification aspect, which is key. So may I suggest the translation of Our Lady of the Successful Purification? Maybe someone else has a better idea for the title given this information, which would be fine! Translating correctly into another language while holding on to the original meaning is not always easy!

    1. I have an official letter from the nuns in Quito who run her shrine saying it is Good Event of the Purification. I plan to cover that in a video in the near future

  2. Yes, thank you so much Anthony.. Coming from the heart of the stone cutter world, raised in the unitarian universalist smoke, I’m still reeling in my awakening to true reality. The last several years have been like a firehose of truth blasting into my mind… so disorienting and yet so so gladdening. Often describing myself as ‘the child of modernity’, coming to God through the devil, I still daily grope for the (almost) most precious commodity on earth: Truth. Thank you to the depths of my being for what you produce. More please!
    FYI, my 2 cents on the title..
    Nuestra senora del buen successo de la purificacion ==> Our Lady, the keystone/key of success of ‘the purification’
    On the face of it the title is intriguing for its fairly obtuse method of expressing a seemingly simple concept. It seems to imply a very specific course of action for a very specific outcome, a particular purification.
    ‘Like I said thats my overthinking 2 cents.


  3. Thanks Anthony and Happy New Year. I did not know that Our Lady of Good Success is properly translated as Our Lady of Purification. I understand purification in this sense the purification of the Church which Our Lady prophesied as needed in our time.

    That time is now. The Church, particularly since Vatican II, has lost its way and become in many ways the tool of the devil. How long before the before the purification, i.e., chastisement, takes place is unknown. My guess it will be relatively soon, say in the next 5-10 years. I would like to hear what Archbishop Vigano has to say about this.


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