3 thoughts on “The Three Days Of Darkness In The Bible

  1. Thank you for sharing your truth brother, it’s not coincidence coming across your page today..Shalom

  2. So not in the Bible. Is this a history text this is from? Or a prophesy that’s not in the Bible but is related?

  3. Protestant are increasingly believing in the 3DOD as many are receiving messages from the Lord on this. Clearest message is given to Linda Courtney, a former Catholic and now Born Again where Jesus says planet x, Nibru, will cover the sun causing the 3DOD

    Jesus says he will hold the temperature of planet earth at 55° otherwise earth would return to the ice age.

    When exactly it’s in the scheme of tribulations is not clear but I think it will at the end of the Greater Tribulation when all fallen angels, demons released tearing the leftover lukewarm humans apart and the population left at 1.3 billion starting the 1000 year rule of Jesus. Amen.


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