3 thoughts on “The Plan To Abolish The Family

  1. As a check, I took a moment to look up the supporters of the openDemocracy.net website, and after going down the rabbit hole of the openDemocracy Limited pages in the UK, I found that the big money supporters are indeed the usual suspects such as the Ford Foundation, the Tides Project, Soros related groups, and the Rockefellers (the one family that, I suspect, will not be abolished when they get around to this nonsense). This in the UK and the United States as well as, of course, pro EU groups (will Europe survive? Yes, but EU won’t!).

  2. Hi Anthony, something new every day, this one has kept me up all night. Apparently we have a new king, his name is Joseph Gregory Hallett, proclaiming he is the Christ, Messiah, fulfilling Revelation and the world belongs to him. I am going to copy below a document found on a site, to enlarge just click on, sorry your system is not letting me, will try and email you, take care, Alda


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