The Modernists Blame Benedict For Their Own Heresy

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To be clear: the sodoheresy of James Martin is a key feature of Modernism for whatever reason, and they blame Benedict for the natural consequences of it.




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3 thoughts on “The Modernists Blame Benedict For Their Own Heresy

  1. Honestly, Anthony I do not get your argument. It is quite clear from Bergoglio’s history as head of the Novus Ordo religion that he not only covets the powers of all kinds of a true Pope but that he and his henchmen want them exercised to the fullest against what enemies they have inside as well as outside. Gone are the days of the beginning of the revolution well dissidents like Hans Kung, Monica Hellwig, Gregory Baum, etc. were obsessed with attacking the Papacy then occupied by “ST?” Paul 6 and later “ST?”JP2. Those two were viewed as impediments to the New Pentecost and remaking of the Church. It is important for Bergoglio, Inc. to try to foist McCarrick and the sexual abuse scandals off on Ratzinger as so many misinformed people think of him as a rock of orthodoxy.

    I do not think that opponents of Bergoglio actually know who or what he is exactly-yes we can point out his misdeeds, lies, heresies and blasphemies and even his machinations but who is he really and why is he acting this way with such hatred for God and His Church? I strongly suspect is not merely a liberal or a classic modernist but something more malevolent. By their fruits ye shall know them.which means he falls into one or more of the five categories of the worst of Christ’s enemies and I do not in this case mean Islam either.

    1. Your logic is accurete, Robert. Why accurate? Because, for myself, —”cornersnedges” —I’ve always based my over-all assessments on an obscure [ though available for all to access, per the Marian Movement of Priests ] message from Our Lady (the same of Fatima) through Fr. Stefano Gobbi’s Cenacle Retreats over 25 years (’72 – -97): “To The Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons”.

      Here is the pertinent quote once again: “The task of Ecclesiastical Freemasonry is to destroy Christ and His Church, to be replaced by an idol, a false christ and a false church.” [ 1989, #406g ]

      Tell me, Robert, if, 33 later, Jorge Bergoglio doesn’t “fit the bill” with his classical Marxist “one step forward; two steps back” routine since the beginning of his Pontificate?

      Who is he? What is he? . . give it whatever name you like, but for sure “a false christ and a false church” is definitely in the making.
      Abu-dabi: a mosque, a ‘church’, a ‘synagogue’ being built as we speak.

  2. Looks to me like non-stop “Gas lighting” . . foist YOUR character
    assassination onto your opponent, then ACCUSE your opponent of that serious fault. But . . three other fingers are ALWAYS pointing back at oneself. Honesty —humility, “Love of Truth”
    (St.Teresa of Avila) —is still the best policy.


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