The Modernists Are Bragging That The Novus Ordo Is A New Religion

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They admit it. Will be start believing them?




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3 thoughts on “The Modernists Are Bragging That The Novus Ordo Is A New Religion

  1. thanks you Anthony. Bergolio has disparaged faithful Catholics almost daily. Somehow worshipping the way our ancestors, the saits and martyrs have is the sin of rigidity. We love our Church and pray for our pontiff, but this has become quite unbelievable. Even Novus Order Catholic when the realize it wasn’t simply translate Latin to English and turn the Priest around it was everything. The Sacraments, the vestments, the churches, the Tabernacle, the statues the 80% of the Mass (the offertory was written in a bar in Trestevere) and event eh blessing for Holy Water. when they become aware of this they are astonished, they say “why were the Sacraments changed? What the holy water blessing for over a thousand years was somehow wrong. Arrogance and deceit at its height. We my pray hards, pray for Mercy, pray that our brethren are no led astray.

  2. Having read the La Croix article in full I would say you’re right about Novus Ordism being a separate religion than the True Faith.

    In many ways, from its disdain of sacrifice to the idea of man as always saved in baptism, it almost reads like what Luther wrote in his Table Talk ravings or even Chick tracts.


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