The Message Of All Of Vigano’s Letters (So Far), plus bonus

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There’s an underlying message to all of Archbishop Vigano’s letters, and he’s just getting more blunt about it these days. Plus, he released a very amusing exchange of letters between himself and an angry, Hillary Clinton-esque nun, and I have those letters for you as well, but not on YouTube because they’re way too spicy for that platform. Both are linked here today.

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4 thoughts on “The Message Of All Of Vigano’s Letters (So Far), plus bonus

  1. This video was so outstanding that I passed it on to my agnostic son – an executive in the World Bank. He won’t respond, but he has begun to listen a little…,

  2. What do we think? For anyone who sincerely listens to your broadcasts there on only one thing to think. Vigano is 100% correct. He must be supported and followed. He should be the next Pope. And we should do everything we can to promote Vigano’s message.


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