The Laity Are BEGGING The Hierarchy To End Heresies Before Its Too Late

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Maybe they should listen to the laity just this once.




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One thought on “The Laity Are BEGGING The Hierarchy To End Heresies Before Its Too Late

  1. What do I think of this, Anthony? Your unwrapping the “gifts” of
    the Modernists can’t be improved upon! Venerable Bishop Sheen’s prophecy clinches it!
    Once again this very articulate episode of “Return to Tradition”
    both fulfills your chosen title (RT), but also sends us (myself any
    way) to the Marian Movement of Priests, led by Fr. Stefano Gobbi,
    specifically the “Cenacle Retreats” (attended by Bishops and Priests from various parts of the World) and their recorded messages in: “To The Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons”: 1989,
    #406g, “The Beast Like a Lamb”:
    “. . . the task of Ecclesiastical Masonry (Masonry within the
    Church) is to destroy Christ and His Church to replace it with an
    Idol, a false christ and a false church.”
    Isn’t this what we’re witnessing? Is it unstoppable? I for one
    will not hazard a guess (whether researched or not, educated or not). We continue to be faithful to our daily Family prayers (Prayer for America composed by Archbp. Viganò, Chaplet of St. Michael; renewal of our Consecration to St. Joseph; the Morning Offering and the Fatima Message; prayer for Priests as composed by Ste. Thérèse; prayer for Pope Francis; prayer for deliverance from Demons; the Angelus). With this daily commitment we forge
    ahead with ANOTHER brand new day, leaving the outcome to
    God, Holy Family, and His Saints.
    “Good St.Joseph, what would YOU do if you were in our
    place? Well, please for ALL of this on our and the Church’s


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