The Enthronement of Lucifer In The Vatican

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We’ve long heard stories about how a secret black Mass was said to spiritually enthrone Lucifer in the Vatican.




Malachi Martin: Windswept House

Malachi Martin: Vatican

The real life figures who are in Windswept House under different names

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11 thoughts on “The Enthronement of Lucifer In The Vatican

  1. I can’t find the names of the ones mentioned in Windswept House. There true identity

  2. I live in the Greenville area, but am not a member of St. Mary’s, I attend at another local Parish. I too would like to see the link to the document from their pastor.

    I pray that detail in the story of the ‘consecration’ at St. Mart’s is one of the altered details in the story. Even so, there is some church, somewhere, that served this function. It needs ‘deconsecrated’ to evil and re-consecrated to God, exactly as the podcast suggests.

  3. Windswept was very eye-opening. Much of what it alluded to confirmed research I’ve done over the years, as well as the over-used title of “conspiracy theory” by the (sea eye aye), as we know that is used as adeflection from truth. I do believe he was murdered. The evil ones re-constructed the Church and hierachy to appear in fallible in all things, so people wouldn’t question and wouldn’t call a spade a spade, whether heresy, apostate, or as an invalid pope. People are waking up and seeing this is part of the plan of the ancient European families, the Illuminati/Freemasons, Billionaires, and their minions like scientifically and politically Gates, Soros, et al; and religiously in the Catholic Church Cupich, Jeff Sachs, et al.

    Kudos to Anthony for your research. I’m always pleased when younger, newer researches are reaching for the truth and finding it!

    For a long time I couldn’t talk to people about it because they thought I was speaking consp. theory or badly about pope, cardinals and bishops, when I was trying to inform of what had been planned long ago and had come to fruition. It’s liberating to know it’s finally being understood for what it is.

  4. I would like to see the letter from the Greenville pastor. Did you post it? Thank you for your work!

  5. Excellent review Anthony of the Enthronement of Lucifer in the Vatican as described by Malachi Martin and confirmed by others. In our day the evidence that this actually happened should be abundantly clear to any spiritually aware Catholic and thus should be a motivation to prepare themselves for the temporary demise of the Catholic Church and the coming of the devil into our lives and the world by prayer, penance and recourse to Our Lady.


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