The Church Must Reject The Faith, Says Wicked Cardinal

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If you change any part of the moral law, the entirety of the claims of the Church to being infallible and divine in origin are destroyed.




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3 thoughts on “The Church Must Reject The Faith, Says Wicked Cardinal

  1. Why pretend that these men in clerical drag are Cardinals, bishops, priests? It is clearly not Donatism to declare that these soul murdering unbelievers pretending to be successors of the Apostles are nothing of the sort. We have to stop abetting these lies on the grounds that making such condemnations is somehow “above our pay grade”.

    1. Amen! . . let us behave like the heirs of Heaven we are, which
      Baptism has made us. Courage, Wisdom, and “shouting it from
      the roof tops” isn’t the legacy of vile lawless interlopers, but of
      the Sons and Daughters of God.

  2. Never thought the “Hinges/ Cardinals” (of the Door into the Church) could be THAT nuts ! ! A door without hinges obviously leaves the Dwelling wide open to EVERY wind that blows . . effectively, in this case, a blasphemy against the (Heavenly Wind of the) HOLY SPIRIT, Who now is forced (foolishly, blindly, and impossibly) into “competition” with those other “winds” !
    “Oh Sacrament Most Holy! Oh Sacrament Divine! (source and summit of the catholic Faith) . . all praise and all Thanksgiving be every moment Thine ! ! ”
    These Modernists are INCAPABLE of praying that profound and Holy aspiration if their life depended on it.
    But their (ETERNAL) Life DOES depend on it !
    Let us not ever stop praying the Rosary. Let St.Joseph (“Terror of Demons”) deal with this fatal cloud of poisonous gas —coming at us on the horizon —on our behalf and on behalf of our Holy Mother, the Church.
    May God Bless you, Anthony, and keep your very clear and capable mind (and true heart) well honed to do further battle with
    these forces of Darkness right in our own Home !!


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