The Church Is About To Be Forever Changed AND Texas bonus

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The news is grim these days, and the wrath of God is on display for those with eyes to see.

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9 thoughts on “The Church Is About To Be Forever Changed AND Texas bonus

    1. Sedevacantists lie when it suits them and spend more time undercutting each other than building the Church. They’re informative, but beyond their role as antiquarians, they’re a pernicious danger to any genuine Catholic.

      They’re also largely moral cowards – even Novus Ordite E. Michael Jones is willing to ignore and brush off the ridiculous epithets hurled by godless SPLC, but Bishop Pivarunis of CMRI grovels to win the respect of people who hate him. Stories of Sede parishes driving off people who are politically inconvenient abound.

      Bishop Sanborn is more learned than most Novus Ordo bishops, but as Thomas a Kempis points out early in the Imitatio Christi, learning does not make a man holy or justified.

      1. Thanks Mario. Please tell me what genuine Catholics are supposed to do as the Vatican II Catholic Church continues on its path towards all out Protestantism?

        1. Thanks Mario. Tell me frankly if we now look more of a Lutheran Church than Roman Catholic.. As a medical doctor, I am ashamed of following Vatican II. You need not worry finding genuine Catholic when we now have a nom-Catholic Pope

          1. Would that the institutions of the Vatican were becoming more Lutheran – Confessional Lutherans are better Catholics than most Novus Ordo Catholics, especially in America!

            What can we do? We do not hold the priesthood of all believers that permits us to secede and form our own congregations, as the Protestants do, but likewise continued obedience to the liars and traitors to God who now sit in the high places is discouraging to say the least.

            Nevertheless, the hierarchy remains intact. The decrepit and corrupt souls who animate the offices are captured by the World and the empty promises of its master, but the offices themselves remain intact. That alone suffices to demonstrate that the Church is not becoming Protestant. We are not episcopal or Presbyterian in our behaviour, we remain Catholic, tied to a Magisterium whose roots run to the very foot of the Cross and are still nourished by the blood which drips from the Divine Sacrifice performed there. The blight of modernism cannot touch these roots, and so we ignore the diseased limbs and seek nourishment from the source. The Protestants claimed the source itself was poison, and cut themselves off. Thanks be to God, though some in the hierarchy no doubt desire this, they are merely hierarchs, they are not the Church Militant, and they will never be the Church Triumphant.

            Our Church has seen such times before – how did men keep the Faith in the midst of the Byzantine Papacy, when Rome and her institutions were owned by the secular state? Or under the ensuing Pornocracy, when the wicked and corrupt nobility of Rome itself captured the Papacy and Curia? What of Avignon, and the Popes there controlled by the secular and often irreligious King of France? And the chaos that ensued as warring parties attempted to establish a Papacy independent of worldly power?

            The Great Western Schism coincided with the Black Death, a truly horrific age when men rightly wondered if the Tribulation were upon them. Yet, it ended, and men kept the Faith, ordinary laymen, and local priests. Thomas à Kempis himself came from that situation. What advice does he give, a man living through almost exactly what we are going through now, with confused ecclesiastic authority colluding with evil rulers to the spiritual and physical ruin of the Faithful? He says to live a Christian life, to pray constantly, to seek the Sacraments where they can be found.

            Adjust your focus away from the higher and broader and toward your own level. The Kingdom of Heaven is within us – and do not underestimate the power of quiet recalcitrance. St. Thomas More walked through the gates of Heaven by merely keeping his mouth shut when he was commanded to make great noises in a direction he knew he could not go. He understood both firm loyalty to the Faith and meek acceptance of the circumstances God has given us.

            What do we do in such times? Lift high your Cross and offer all the doubt, all the confusion, and all the frustration to Christ. Unite it to Him in the doubt of Gethsemane, the confusion when he was mocked and beaten on the way to Pilate, and the frustration of the crowds which once adored him, scorning and rejecting their own Salvation. And having walked that far, join Him for the rest of the journey to Calvary, and you will see all the Church be lifted up like St. Dimas beside Our Lord.

          2. Again, thank you for your comforting words with hope and encouragement to remain true to the faith on the continuing journey to Calvary. I pray that St Joseph and the Blessed Mother show me the right way, not that of the Priest of BAAL. God bless.


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