The Church In Eclipse: Warnings From The Saints

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Recently I came across an article that offers some clarity on the concept of the Church being in eclipse.



The Angel Of The Resurrection | Fr John Hardon SJ Return To Tradition

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  5. Francis' New Doctrine Chief Is Persecuting Faithful Catholics


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One thought on “The Church In Eclipse: Warnings From The Saints

  1. One listens in disbelief to the idea that the one true faith of Jesus Christ will forever be visible in the Catholic Church. Since Vatican II this is obviously not the case. What we have today in the Church is incipient Protestantism and the fact that most Catholics including the present “Pope”, and nearly all Bishops and priests adhere to and promote this apostasy..

    The highly veiled visibility of the true orthodox Catholic Church now resides in a persecuted minority who perhaps represent 2% of all Catholics. These Catholics are viewed as misguided fanatics by the 98% of the Church which claims to be Catholic but isn’t.

    To the world at large the management of the Catholic Church has at last given up her beliefs in the Traditional Catholicism is fast becoming a secular humanist organization in step with the changing times and changing morality.

    How all of this squares with the statements in the video has yet to be understandably explained despite the efforts of AKA Catholic.


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