Thanksgiving and the Early American Catholic Experience

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Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating it today. May God bless and keep you and your family.




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One thought on “Thanksgiving and the Early American Catholic Experience

  1. Anthony, re. your Squanto (never heard of him .. Dutch Canadian)/ Baltimore historical “sketch”:
    fascinating to say the least. Begins to throw light on places, persons, and events today (for this
    “newbie”. A little bit TOO fast. But then, your speed and clarity hones our acute focus and listening abilities!
    All in all, “Thanksgiving” (the Mass) remains —from the Last Supper on —the sum and Source of all other thanksgivings. (North) American “Thanksgiving” displays a deeplrooted National and Cultural colouring of this Soul-saving disposition which even Global Predators and their on-going Covid Scamdemic can’t uproot.


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