Rogue Bishops Continue To Promote Heresy…

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We are approaching the consecration of Russia which, if it works, will banish heresy. Maybe the German bishops should take note.




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3 thoughts on “Rogue Bishops Continue To Promote Heresy…

  1. Do we dare Hope? . . I do, until 40 minutes after THE DEVIL knows I’m dead. (Irish saying).


    Fr. John Zuhlsdorf says:
    23 March 2022 at 8:23 AM
    BUT WAIT… there’s more.

    Did you notice that care of the Earth is included in the consecration? It isn’t heavy-handed, but it is there.

    Also, this following comes from Ann Barnhardt, who does not even in the slightest believe that Francis is the real Pope nor that this consecration is other than something masonic … or worse. What’s worse? Here:

    Now, an interesting tidbit that I was alerted to by a Spanish-speaking reader. In the Spanish, Italian and Portuguese versions of the faux-consecration text released by the Antichurch, the title “Queen of Heaven” (intact in the English version), is perverted to Queen of “tierra del Cielo” in Spanish, “terra du Céu” in Portuguese, and “terra del Cielo” in Italian. Never before have these languages used this bizarre form with the word “tierra/terra” when referring to Mary as Queen of Heaven.

    What “Regina della terra del Cielo” literally means is “Queen of the land in the sky”… AND GUESS WHO GOES BY THAT TITLE??? Yup. The Pachamama demon. The “land in the sky” is one of the Pachademon’s “domains”, and “Reina del tierra del cielo” is a Pachamama title. It is “wenu mapu” in the Mapuche language and religion.

    Agree or disagree with Ann about Francis, THAT is pretty disturbing.

    I’ve never heard Mary referred to as Queen “of the Land of Heaven”.

    This Pachamama demon thing never seems to go away.

    And… I’d like to know… where is that damned black bowl NOW?

    We are inviting the wrath of God here Anthony. This will not turn out well for us.

  3. Why do I get the image of a dog chasing its tail ?? Thanks once again, Anthony, for clear and transparent Church Teaching . . especially Leo XIII’s, which shows up the Modernists’ errors . . the
    “dog’s tail” chased by the many of a radically confused Catholic
    Laity ( . . and Clergy).


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