Preparing For The Amazon Synod Part 2: Sustainable Development

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This video was a brief overview of sustainable development and sustainability and how they influenced the coming Synod and indeed the entire Francis pontificate. The sources listed below are from the numerous courses on the subject I’ve taken on the issue in my doctoral program in public policy. The list isn’t by any means comprehensive.

Some essential reading is Our Common Future, a book version of a UN document that predates the Agenda 21 plan. Another are the books by Dr Philip Cooper “Sustainable Development in Crisis Conditions” and “Implementing Sustainable Development,” both of which are good starts and are frankly saner and more Catholic-friendly approaches to sustainable development than most of the literature out there.

Lele’s ‘Sustainable Development: A Critical Review” is an important document from the early 1990s that shows how long this has been a program of the international NGOs. Daly’s “Towards Some Operational Principles Of Sustainable Development” is another classic work in the field.

Finally, here’s the American Indian website I referenced in the video detailing the concept of Seventh Generation ethics. Of course, Laudato Si should be read if only to understand the blueprint for all of this within the Church.


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  1. Anthony, please look into Sr. Mary of St. Peter Carmelite nun from Tours France prophecies for our times. Ave Maria ~pz


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