One thought on “Pope Francis: We Are Being Chastised…by Nature

  1. Sad, no two ways about it, we mankind are being chastised by our grave mortal sins viz abortion, gay lifestyle, sins of the flesh, masonic beliefs, atheism, and what not ! Jesus asks all over Christendom “Will I see a sign of repentance? ”

    Sodom did not show that sign of repentance, not did the people of Noah’s era, nor folks in Australia choosing the fires, floods, Corona to repentance.

    Sadly we do not have one like John Paul 2, what is required is that the Pope fearlessly speaks about repentance, mortal and hell so that the lost be saved. Sad for those in the slumber of unrepentant mortal sins as I once was.Who will put the effort required to save them?. In Fatima where Mother Mary appears to Friar Elias and a group of Catholics she startingly says ” I am come to save one quarter of humanity as the rest have already chosen their path !!”

    She also talks of great planetary changes and mid-may Earth is closest to a big celestial body and also end April to July passes through an asteroid belt so let’s see what happens. Also elsewhere prophecy is more celestial objects are coming towards earth and the combined gravitational forces will leave planet Earth reeling like a drunkard. Details are in YT video ” The final days” and elsewhere too.


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