Podcast: What They’re NOT Telling You About The Notre Dame Fire

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Don’t believe the official narrative. Ever. Especially when it comes to a powder-keg of a situation like modern day Europe.

Between the spate of Church fires, the anniversary of the New Zealand shooting, and the bizarre response by the French Government to the fire, the official narrative does not add up. Why did the fire teams wait as long as they did before responding? Why did they not use certain fire response methods commonly used in urban areas to fight this fire? It sounds like a conspiracy theory, I know, but remember that the situation in France is dire due to immigration. To think otherwise is naive.




Macron Pledges To Rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral “Because It Is, In Deepest Sense, Our Destiny”




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3 thoughts on “Podcast: What They’re NOT Telling You About The Notre Dame Fire

  1. Dear Dr Stine,

    The Notre Dame fire media narrative does NOT pass the sniff test. I said so, more gently, in my comment after POTUS announced the tragic fire news, before his economic meeting. And, during Dr Gorka’s radio show, in comments below that YouTube channel.

    As to Macron, the opportunist, he apparently plans to seek international financial support for his Macron Monument Moment (so he’ll go down in history).

    I concur. This is the tiniest taste of what’s coming. I submit it will ramp up fast in Europe. USA might be able to buy a bit more time. How about Candace Owen, POTUS, 2024?

    God Bless You, Sir. And may God have Mercy on us all.

    France Driscoll
    Sacramento CA
    April 16, 2019, 2:40AM, PT

    1. I’m not a fan of Candace Owens. I don’t mind her work and admire her tenacity, but she’s wasting her time trying to convert a population that consistently votes the way it does with no sign of any change happening.


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