Podcast: Understanding the Lavender Mafia

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Our good friend Cardinal Cupich gives us the opportunity to help us understand the Lavender Mafia: how its connected to the St Gallen Mafia, who the key players were, how they recruit, and most importantly, how they controlled the flow of information as far back as the 1980s if not further.

As far as we can tell, the model for the current pontificate comes from the late Cardinal Martini, who was connected deeply to the likes of McCarrick, Maciel, and other less than stellar figures in the recent history of the Church. They’re domination of the hierarchy in Europe, the US, and in the Vatican helps us to understand how and why the Church is in the position it is in today, as well as to address why certain figures were alleged to have been known about ‘by the Vatican’ (typically meaning by the popes) but nothing was done about them.






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