Podcast: The Legacy of Cardinal Danneels

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Pray for the the grace of final penitence. He probably needs it.

Cardinal Godfried Danneels was the model Modernists: he engaged in political activity to help with the passage of policies that he claimed to be against while supporting, he covered up the sexual abuse of minors, and was a pope-maker extraordinaire. He left a legacy that will be remembered, perhaps as a cautionary tale for future cardinals of the Church.






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One thought on “Podcast: The Legacy of Cardinal Danneels

  1. It’s hard to put a “like” on this. Surely he does need prayers, but I must admit it is a penance to do so. The whole St. Gallen mafia thing is extremely disconcerting, even shocking. To think the Church of my youth has come down to such depths makes it very difficult to comprehend. It’s feels like I have awakened from a nightmare only to find myself unable to shake it off no matter how hard I try. The sadness I feel for Jesus is overwhelming.


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