Podcast: The Case of Cardinal George Pell

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Cardinal George Pell may have been the victim of a hyper-sensational media machine combined with the social effects of growing anti-Catholicism fueled by the Church’s own scandals.

Cardinal Pell could very well be guilty of the crimes he was convicted of. However, the facts of the case make his conviction seem like a miscarriage of justice perpetrated by a overtly anti-Catholic cultural intersection of the media and the state. Combined with Pell’s history of investigation Vatican corruption, the whole case seems fishy.




Why the Case against Cardinal George Pell Doesn’t Stand Up

The George Pell Case and Standards of Evidence


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3 thoughts on “Podcast: The Case of Cardinal George Pell

  1. Pell is a real wacko and you forget the boy he sexually abuse killed himself because if it.
    You are conpletely omitting all the other times he sexually abuse other boys at it he times like the swimming pool. You are so wrong . Be more responsible!
    Shame on you!

  2. Here is an outline of George Pell’s history ( see link below )
    Pell was the first cleric in Australia to institute compensation for victims of sexual abuse – the Melbourne response. However many in the media saw it as a way of reducing Church payouts to victims. Also he was seen as being a part of the Ellis defence which meant that the Church could not be sued as a Corporation. All this occurred while he was in Melbourne. Australians have a history of trying to bring down “tall Poppies”, those who are in power. This attitude is related to our convict heritage.


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