Podcast Show Notes: The Ecological Conversion Of The Amazon Synod

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we have a new phrase to add to our Catholic lexicon, and that phrase is ‘ecological conversion,’ which comes to the Catholic world from Pope Francs. What does it mean exactly? Where does it come from? And just how Catholic is it? Those are questions we need to address because the concept of an ecological conversion is playing front and center in the ongoing madness that is leading to the coming Amazon Synod, which will take place in Rome from October 6 to the 27th.

The Synod will be run by the German Bishops conference and held on behalf of a people that the German Bishops don’t even represent. So lets have a look at this weird phrase so we can understand what these guys are advocating for and how they’re using it in the Amazon Synod. I suspect that once you’ve watched this video you’ll agree with me that the idea of an ecological conversion isn’t actually Catholic.








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