Podcast Show Notes: As Religion Fades Leviathan Rises

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Leviathan is a reference to the famous book on political philosophy by Thomas Hobbes which lays out the case for strong armed rule. It served, as a work, to kick off the liberal traditional of intellectual thought purely by accident because it would spawn a whole series of responses by a variety of authors, most importantly to the bulk of my viewers from the likes of John Locke, whose writings would become central to the founding of the United States a century or so later. By Liberalism I mean the family of thought whose human manifestations can be seen in the broad spectrum of political figures in the US ranging from Ronald Reagan on the one hand to Joe Biden on the other. Either way, those figures were responsible for a massive growth in materialism, intrusive government, and helped in their own way with the withering of the faith in the US and beyond.

The Modern Leviathan is a technocratic superstate with broad powers that promotes pretty much anything but the authentic faith. Some call it the religion of the day, the worship of the state and the law. However you think of it, the Leviathan has been endorsed by the Novus Ordo Paradigm, including in Laudato Si and other papal documents. It is enough to make the Catholic paying attention ill to contemplate.



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