Podcast: Ecclesia Dei Commission Officially Suppressed

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Traditional Catholics began hearing whispers of the suppression of Ecclesia Dei over a year ago, and many began to panic. It’s not the time to panic, at least not yet. But we should consider what happens if this does turn into an attempt to formally abrogate the Traditional Latin Mass, regardless of that being not canonically possible.

I, for one, do not want the SSPX to normalize their relationship with the Vatican under this pontificate. Any normalization cannot come while doctrinal issues are in dispute and frankly I don’t see this pontificate clearing up doctrinal concerns in favor of traditional Catholicism. In fact, I’d go so far as to suggest that the chances of this happening under any modern-style pontificate being slim. For now, as The Remnant put it in a recently article, the SSPX stands firm. So should we all, for the traditions of the Church and her dogmas are unchanging. The SSPX have legitimate questions that need to be addressed by the Vatican and to this date haven’t been.









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