Podcast: Australian Priest Attacked By His Parishioners

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If you dislike the things your priest is preaching about to the point where assaulting him seems like a good idea, that should tell you that you’re not only in the wrong but in a state of mortal sin. Maybe move to another parish and go to confession. Just a thought.

The case of Fr. Nicholas Rynne is yet another example of a priest being bullied out of his parish by his parishioners who think they own the parish and can dictate what is taught, how the Mass is celebrated, and what norms will be enforced by the priest. It’s the Spirit of Vatican II on full display in one of its more ugly forms. If you wonder what is stopping a full restoration of tradition in the Church, the Susan From The Parish Council-types are a real roadblock to your parish getting restored to the faith in full.




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One thought on “Podcast: Australian Priest Attacked By His Parishioners

  1. Thank you Mr Stine. I was verbally attacked by a (ironic!) a Humility Sister – no she doesn’t wear a habit. All I did was reveal I prefer the Latin Mass. I’m also an easy target as my husband is a Pastoral Provision Priest (former Episcopal Priest) who is ‘shockingly’ orthodox and says the Latin Mass in addition to the novus ordo. The Maureen’s and Sister Humities of the world were so ready to believe the Church has changed with the arrival of a married Priest. Instead they get this?!?! Unpleasant experience. But my Priest endures far worse daily and has to walk a very fine line or get shipped to St Luke’s. He’s been reported to our Bishop several times.
    Our Lord gave up much more than these little pains. We let the scores of beautiful cooing babies and dozens of beautiful homeschooled kids leaving after the Latin Mass ‘speak’ for us. The Latin Mass has grown and now easily keeps our Parish financially alive. The novus ordo follows the TLM so the bedraggled Maureen’s of the Parish get to behold what a growing Church actually looks like.


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