Video: Tommy Robinson Set Free

Tommy Robinson has been set free. It’s a victory for free speech but the ruling was done on technical grounds.






Video: Cardinal McCarrick and #CatholicMeToo

This scandal is ongoing. I’ll do my best to continue to cover it as it unfolds. Needless to say, this is just the beginning.








Video: Hollywood Hypocrisy and James Gunn

The hypocrisy of Hollywood is astonishing.



Video: There’s No Such Thing As a Catholic Socialist, pt 1.

I say part 1 because I am sure I’ll return to this topic in the future. Political Catholicism is cancer, and it’s a cancer that most often takes the oxymoronic forms of Catholic Socialism or Catholic Feminism, both of which are contradictions in terms. The Faith is not a political program, as it does not neatly fit into a political box, nor does it align itself with any form of earthly politics. At best it makes it easy to see what should be opposed, which at the moment is actually all forms of Leftism.




Video: They’re Coming For Your Children



Video: Sabbath Sunday: The Price We Will Have To Pay To End Abortion

It is clear that we must do penance to end the scourge of abortion in America. The retirement of Justice Kennedy presents the opportunity to begin ending abortion in America, but it will most likely come at a very high price, and it’s worth paying.



Video: What In The World Is Going On In The Vatican Episode 1: The Vatican Goes To Bilderberg







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Novus Ordo Watch


Video: The Truth About Illegal Immigration For Catholics


The sources for the new video on the YouTube channel.

300% rise in trafficking:

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