Our Lady of Knock: A Prophetic Change For Our Times

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Its strange that Francis would elevate this sacred shrine at the same time denying what virtually all of his papal predecessors and doctors of the Church for 600 years agreed upon: that our lady is co-redemptrix. But it is what it is.





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4 thoughts on “Our Lady of Knock: A Prophetic Change For Our Times

  1. Thanks Anthony.
    A story re Knock and Our Lady at work:-
    In 2018, on my one and only visit (from Australia) to Ireland, Europe and Britain I had an urge to go to Knock.
    At that point I had been 39 years in the wilderness as a typical Novus Ordo lapsed and completely confused Catholic. Now there’s a surprise!
    The old church where Our Lady’s apparition took place was being renovated so it wasn’t possible to pay a visit there.
    Whether I liked it or not I had to go to the “New” church/basilica/cathedral!! Actually what it should be called is a “meeting hall”. Surely it is NOT a true church!
    Although I was aware that churches in the previous 39 years had been built as meeting halls and not as shrines to Almighty God, I was still amazed and frankly despite my lapsed status, horrified.
    Okay, I thought; ‘what do I know or care?’
    Well I purchased a rosary there and had one of the priests bless it. That too was strange as I thought ‘not much of a blessing!’
    Then I went for a walk around the renovations and the old church trying to get a sense of where Our Lady had appeared and a feeling for the saints with her including my patron St John and my son’s patron St Joseph.
    After returning to Australia I found myself in May 2019 looking for and attending a Latin Mass and after 40 years of the wanderings went to confession!!!! That was a challenge!
    All the time, even during the lost 40 years, I carried a rosary with me. Now, since my Knock visit, I carried ‘the Knock rosary’ with me daily and of course Our Lady got me back on track. The result – have never felt so much at peace’, and believe me as the world goes peace is not part of my life. But knowing Our Lady is there with me always reminds me of something I heard as a boy – someone had written somewhere words to the effect that ‘Pope Pius XII had the most peace in his eyes that I have ever seen in a man, despite the enormous weight of the world he carries as Pope.’
    And now – God has been amazing and I am now a soldier in his army – just a private but how miraculous. Lost for 40 years and He refused to let me go ensuring His Virgin Mother kept sending the necessary grace my way to get me back! Just so blest, am I!
    Incidentally when I returned from Ireland I discovered a saint called St Colman MacDduig, who spent time in Ireland in County Mayo. I suspect Knock had to be his abode as he prepared it for Our lady’s visit hundreds of years later. He has been a bit of an inspiration for me, even though I know so little of him. But he’s been good to me so maybe he can help others as well.
    And on that note, to change tack a little, if I can I will attach a photo of a pagan icon picture which is in the entrance of a small, out in the country Australia, Catholic Church, in tiny Gulgong, NSW.
    It is an aboriginal painting of a pregnant serpent with eggs around her waiting to hatch!
    This must cause Almighty God to anger and demonstrate the falsity of the Australian aboriginal culture as a pagan culture just as were Egypt, when the Holy Family lived there, and the Incas before they disappeared from the earth.
    A friend of mine thinks David, in Psalm 109, might be predicting the final outcome for this so-called (Novus Ordo, only) Catholic Church in the little community of Gulgong! We are praying for them to be converted. Psalm 109, every day!
    Thank you for your efforts.
    Vivo Christo Rey.

    (of strong Irish heritage, from counties all over Ireland including the Catholic north.

  2. I have no idea what your real message is here Anthony. If “Pope” Francis advocates something we should beware, as surely the devil might very well be a partner.


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