4 thoughts on “One Brave Bishop Tries To Stop The Heretical Synod

  1. Hi Anthony, thank you. I think Borgoglio knows this bishop is afraid b/c war is on the border and war will continue to rage as a punishment for sin.
    The good bishop of Poland fears God and for the souls entrusted to him.
    Jesus never changes.
    The Church never changes.
    The Word of God never changes. More is to be expected through the end time prophet as the Lamb who was slain opens her (Church body of Christ) seals.
    It’s telling that Borgoglio sites that nothing can be detracted nor eliminated from the Word of God and yet misrepresents God’s word today by twisting it so he can lead the church into error denouncing God. Yes. prayers.

  2. Good ! Also Pope Francis will not say the Ash Wednesday mass .

    Now going ahead Huge turmoil is expected with this war and other apocalyptic events coming. The world this time next year will be badly physically scarred. Sad.

    Probably the Last lent of the Roman Catholic church in a peaceful form !
    Jesus would not like the false prophet, a hybrid to Preside over this ?

    Queen and Mother of the Last Times
    Snatch us out of the clutches of Evil.

    Saint Joseph terror of demons Pray for us.

    Saint Philomena rose empurpled by thy own blood Pray for us.

  3. An Anchor and a winner, Anthony. Archbishop Gedecki stands out as a rugged granite Lighthouse during the gathering gale out of
    Germany (and elsewhere).


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