Marie Julie Jahenny: Devotional Prayers

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For today’s video, these prayers were a little too spicy for YouTube. Remember, these have been approved by her ordinary.


Litany of the Passion: A Prayer of Reparation before the Blessed Sacrament

Oh my very dear Jesus, what brought You to suffer for us a mortal Agony in the Garden of Olives: It is Love.

Oh My Adorable Jesus, what brought You to separate Yourself from Your Apostles during this Agony: It is Love.

Oh My Jesus, what brought You to leave the executioners and the Jews torture and bind You: It is Love.

Oh My Jesus, what brought You to appear before the tribunal of Pilate: It is Love.

Oh My Jesus, what brought You to descend into the obscure prison of Herod: It is Love.

Oh Holy Victim, what brought You to allow the executioners scourge You without a complaint from You: It is Love.

Oh Holy Victim, what brought You to separate Yourself from Your Holy Mother in order to suffer insults: It is Love.

Oh Holy Victim, what brought You to cast a glance at St. Peter when leaving the Praetorium: It is Love.

Oh Holy Victim, what brought You to fall before Your enemies under (their) weight: It is Love.

Oh Holy Victim, what brought You to die for us on a Cross: It is Love.

Oh Holy Victim, what brought You to give Yourself to our souls in the Most Holy Sacrament: It is Love.

Oh Holy Victim, what brought You to reside for us in all the Shrines and Tabernacles in the entire world: It is Love.

Oh Holy Victim, what brought You to tell us ‘Dear Children, do not fear, come close, I sleep, but My Heart watches’: It is Love.

Adorable Sacred Victim, what brought You to let us approach Your Holy Tabernacles, to possess You and dissolve into these delights: It is Love. It is Love.

Oh Most Holy Victim, what brought You to love us with a Love so Ardent and full of Goodness: It is Love. It is Love.

Also, here is the new promises of devotion to the Shoulder Wound of Christ, coming from Marie Julie Jahenny and, of course, Our Blessed Lord, Jesus Christ.

1 – “I will bless all the souls who propagate this devotion: I grant them abundant graces.” (March 29, 1878)
2 – “O souls who love Me, who propagate this devotion, I take you under My protection, I keep you under the mantle of My affection.” (March 29, 1878)
3 – “I will dispel the darkness that will come to their heart.” (December 28, 1877)
4 – “I will console them in their pains.” “I will come in the midst of their greatest afflictions, to enlighten, to comfort them.” (February 8, 1878) (28 December 1877,February 8 and April 12, 1878)
5 – “I will come to bless them in their undertakings.” (March 29, 1878)
6 – “I will give them a tender love for the Cross. I will come to assist them at the time of death, with this cross and I will introduce them into My Heavenly Kingdom.” (April 12, 1878)
7 – “I will sweeten their agony.” (December 28, 1877). “I will come at the hour of death. I will console them in their passage.” (February 8, 1878). 

“Especially at the hour of death, I will come to give them a sweet moment of calm and tranquillity. I will tell them: ‘O good holy soul, who has spread this devotion (knowing) that I had so much at heart that it be made known, come to receive the reward of your labours, the fruit of blessing.’.” (March 29, 1878)
8 – “I will shelter them, I will assist them, I will console all the souls that seek to propagate this Sacred Wound. At the time of death, I will console the souls that have compensated Me by their devotion and compassion to the Wound so deep and painful. I will come to strengthen them in their final fears. I will come and prepare their passage: Thank you, you who have compensated Me for My pains.” (May 17,1878)
9 – “See,” Jesus said, pointing to His Sacred Wound with extreme tenderness, “all My children who have recognised this Wound, who have venerated it, have prayed to it, will have on the Last Day a great and generous reward. I do not simply show it, I pronounce it.  My Word is Divine.” (May 17, 1878)

The one minute prayer before the Crucifix:

Our Lord said to Marie Julie Jahenny:
“O beloved soul, one minute at the foot of the crucifix! Give Me three sighs as follows:

  • My Beloved, I love you,
  • My loving Father, I want to keep you company,
  • My heavenly Bridegroom, I desire Heaven to see you and love you.

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11 thoughts on “Marie Julie Jahenny: Devotional Prayers

  1. Mr. Stine, Please consider that the correct pronunciation of Marie’s last name is Zhu-nee’. Thank you for your continued recognition of the warnings of our Blessed Mother.

    Ave Maria.

  2. Me being picky: There is an historical error in the 8th invocation of the litany. Our Lord glanced at St. Peter as He was leaving the High Priest’s house, not the Praetorium.

  3. In the three sighs to the Crucifix, how do you reconcile calling Jesus, Father, with the fact that He is the Son?

    1. They are one in the same…if you have seen the Son, you have seen the Father.

  4. How do I see the past in post of Marie Julie Jahenny that you mentioned in this video. I don’t see a search bar anywhere?

  5. Thank you so much for your work. You have taught me soooo much in your various and instructive videos. God bless you!

  6. Thank you for these beautiful prayers! As much as I resolve to give all of my free time to God, I often slide backwards and get caught up in my stream of political YouTube podcasts.

    Again, now, I resolve: O Lord, into Thy hands I commend my spirit!


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