Guest Submission: The Wages of Sin

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Poetry by: Teresa Baker-Carl

The sorrow I carry is so heavy inside;
so powerful, painful, and real;
my heart is collapsing beneath all the weight,
and desolation is all I can feel.

The wound I have given is another deep lash
I have caused to tear His skin,
and all I can do is fall to my knees
and pour out my tears over Him.

The loss is all mine each time I say no
and turn to go my own way,
yet each time I hurt as I trip and go down
I beg Him again, let me stay.

Tender His touch as He helps me get up,
dusting me off as I try to stand;
I beg His forgiveness again and again,
as He gently takes up my hand.

Back to the path He guides my feet
telling me to sin no more;
pointing the way I must follow to home
leaving me feeling restored.

Once again wrapped in His perfect Love,
I wonder why I so often give in
to the damaging urge I too often have
to go off in the world and sin.

Oh my God, I am heartily sorry for having offended Thee….


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