Guest Submission: The Shepherd of Open Borders (article and poem)

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by David Martin

Easter is a time to rise from the polluted sepulcher of this world and to see things spiritually as they truly are. The Blessed Virgin at Fatima warned that if Russia was not converted through the daily Rosary and the Consecration of that nation to Her Immaculate Heart, the errors of Communism would spread throughout the world and even into the Church.

The fact is that Russia was never converted to the Faith, and what do we see today but the highest ranks of the hierarchy and even the pope engaging in political activism and advocating a policy of open borders for the advance of a communistic one-world government. Francis more than once has said that it is the communists who think like Christians, so we see clearly that Communism has made its inroads into the Church.

The Fruits of Ignoring Fatima

What opening our borders has done is to open the door to all the murder and mayhem we’ve been seeing in places like Germany, France, and now in Sri Lanka where nearly 300 people were killed and 500 were injured at the hands of Islamic terrorists on Easter Sunday. The Communist regime of Russia is simply using the Islamic element to execute its global reign of terror while using Francis to sell the idea of an open border policy.

In his May 2017 release The Political Pope, Catholic author George Neumayr points out how Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio [now Pope Francis] was virtually cradled in Communism and how his Communist formation is presently exerting great influence on the Universal Church, so this Easter Season is the appropriate time for world leaders to come out of their sepulchers and start seeing the present world condition as it truly is, lest they continue believing that opening our borders to Islamic “refugees” is a form of “mercy” for mankind.

For those who prefer to receive things in poetical fashion, we conclude with this short poem, “Shepherd of the Open Borders,” hoping it might accentuate and bring the point home.

There once was a shepherd who was obsessed with inclusion;
Who abetted world planners in their cause of intrusion.
He cared not that killers would pillage the nation, 
And behead those who live for their Christian oblation.
In the face of abortion and a world in deep crisis,
He chose rather to mourn the wall against ISIS.
Saying, ‘this is the worst since the Second World War,’
Yet expressed no concern for the dangers offshore.
He said, ‘bar not the migrants, let’s open our borders,’
but expressed no concern for the encroaching disorders
Of murder, mayhem, and death to a nation,
that Jihads would wage through the curse of migration.
Invasion it is, there are few refugees on this train:
For many of these travelers do seek Allah’s gain.
We’ve seen it in Germany, Sweden, and France:
Will Rome be the next to be pierced with a lance?
The shepherd still says that all religions seek peace,
Yet the Quran makes clear the plan for our demise,
Saying, “Kill, and slay them, wherever you find them!”
Why is Rome’s shepherd seeking their asylum?


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