Guest Submission: The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus (Poetry)

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By  Teresa Baker-Carl

Oh my Jesus;
my deeply wounded Lord,
have mercy on me , a sinner.
I come before You with a broken heart,
I come to You upon my knees;
before You I remember the suffering
You were willing to endure for me
and I weep in deep lamentation.

The Love You had for your torturers,
And the Love You have given to me,
remind me now to weep when I see
how You were nailed to the wood of that terrible tree
even after the torture You willingly bore
for a lifetime of sinners like me.

I am grieved to my core as I gaze at the Cross,
with Your Body so bloodied and torn,
wondering how you were able to bear
all the mocking from us,
and the scorn.
From the Cross You forgave  even as You were dying,
and yet I’ve continued to sin
as if I expect You will never return to  pass judgment upon me again.

Forgive me, oh Lord, for every scourge that I caused
for every blow which put nails in Your feet and Your hands:
Forgive me for piercing Your beautiful Heart so Sacred and Holy.

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