Guest Submission: The Greatest Battle

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by Teresa Baker-Carl

With evil all around us to spew out ugly threats,
to whom should we turn for consolation and call upon for aid?
With demons reaching over us to crush us in their grips,
to whom shall we cry out for help?

Then in our prayers we see her and feel her soft embrace;
We understand her smile, and recognize her face.
The love of heaven flows from her and fills us up with courage;
while standing  close behind her is her Son.
Sorrow flees from in our hearts,
while fear collapses quickly,
and evil has no place to stay so it swiftly runs away.
Jesus and His Mother arrive with saints and angels,
ready to assist us in the battle for our

Wrapped up in their mercy our
brokenness is whole;
we’re no more fighting all alone, nor resting on our weakness;
heaven stands around us like a great armour built to fit us.
The battle waged may take some time, and some may fall down in despair,
but when it all is over
we will find our Peace still here,
and all those who once were militants
will stand in heaven victorious.

Teresa Baker-Carl

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