Guest Submission: The End of Weaponized Ambiguity

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The following piece is an excerpt from an article by a friend, Laramie Hirsch, who writes over at Forge and Anvil. Here is the start of his latest piece on what we all went through over the weekend. To read the rest, check it out on his site.

The End of Weaponized Ambiguity

It should be clear now where things stand. The gloves have come off, and the line has been drawn. For fifty years, the frog has been slowly boiling in water. For half a century, the more witless among us have had the luxury of being fooled and tricked into fealty to a ticking time bomb. All of this time, such people have had the benefit of ignorance as to what was really going on. They could jeer and condemn the savvy laity who foresaw what was transpiring within the Catholic Church. The servants of Antichrist never gave themselves away. They couched their intentions in fuzzy language. Such enemies wore smiles and used alluring language that appealed to the vanity of the crowds. But now? No more. While the world is being slowly asphyxiated to death with masks strapped to their faces, the villains have dropped their own masks, and we see them for what they are.

Before, it mattered that rumors swirled among the laity that priests had to supposedly sign an oath to the corrupt notions of Vatican II. It mattered that, perhaps, the new ordination rite for priests had a lot of holes in it—loopholes which could be exploited by Antichrist forces seeking to compromise, coerce, and blackmail otherwise good priests. It mattered when we saw in 2013 the Franciscan Fathers of the Immaculate being told to swear an oath to Vatican II. All of this mattered, because it was an ever-increasing list of evidence for the displacement of actual Catholicism—that an Ape of the Church was parasitizing the Catholic Church from the inside out, hollowing it out, ready to wear it like a skin suit. But the hunt for clues is over. The man in Rome who calls himself “Francis” has shown his cards. We all know where things stand. Hints are no longer needed. The message is received. FrancisChurch hates Catholicism, and Tradition has no place on the other side of the Satanic Great Reset.

(to read the rest, check out Forge and Anvil)

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  1. Bergoglio has never returned to Argentina since becoming pope and I have it from good sources that the reason is he fears he’d be booed or worse. They strongly dislike him there from his time as bishop because of his personality and his role during the Dirty War, allegedly snitching on fellow Jesuits to the military and sending them to their death. Sts. Peter, Paul, P. Pío, Pius X., Paul V., pray for us!


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