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The Apocalypse, by Alda Rizzo

The day started as usual.  As she made her way to the bathroom, the cats started to come up the stairs.  Princie, peered in and looked at her.  She slowly reached her hand to him and he slowly started to purr and make his way into the bathroom.  All the others followed in seeing she was in a pleasant mood.  Too many got in, no sooner she started to yell “Please, I don’t bother you guys when you do your thing, get the freaking out of here, I can’t breathe!!” to which they all scurried away, except for Nino, the Blue Russian who thinks he’s a  baby.  She didn’t have the heart to kick him out, she grabbed him and started to kiss him, to which he turned and tried to  bite her elbow, an area that Nino could not control but bite, his favorite spot.

She made her way to the kitchen, and stated to make her morning espresso.  She remembered that one of the outside cats had babies and decided to hurry her way to the back to feed the mommy.  It was getting somewhat dark outside, and she knew she had to hurry before the storm started.  After finishing putting the dry food in the bowls with left over turkey, she turned to pick up the water bowl to refill.  No sooner, thunder and lightning hit the sky.  The lighting was straight down across the sky, the sound so strong the animals scurried away.  She got scared, it was the same lighting as the one that hit the Vatican the year that Pope Benedict retired, this was a sign and a great concern, she wondered what does this mean, this did not stop her from doing the sign of the cross and hurriedly repeating the Hail Mary and Our Father, she could not tell if something else was going to happen, as the sky looked like it ripped in half.
As she made her way back into the house, she filled the bowl with fresh water and was reluctant to go back outside.  The rain slowly started with a light wind, this reassured her that God let that moment pass, she thanked her maker and continued bringing the water outside, even though all the cats had disappeared into hiding.
Once back in the house, she did her usual, rolled a jay to smoke with her morning coffee.  It was dark outside, one of those days where you just want to go back to bed and watch TV and most likely dream the day away.  She was not expecting anyone, she hardly saw anyone these days.  There was a light knock on the door, so light it gave her goose bumps.  She wondered who the heck was bothering her, everything was a nuisance to her these days.  As she slowly started to unlock the door, she felt like another side was opening up, a side she had only felt and experienced as a child, the atmosphere was changing, she could feel the molecules in the air thickening.
What she saw when she opened the door left her frozen and unable to move or speak.  There was a figure outside her screen door, he was wearing a dark long coat with his woody on.  The figure seeing she was stricken with fear said  “Alda, please go and do what you need to do quickly as I need help, please!”.  She felt the urgency in his voice and the fact that her outside cats surrounded him purring, she knew he was no danger, but had to prove it.  She ran back in the house, making everything fall in her way, she was so nervous and could not think properly and had problems finding the container with the holy water.
She was breathing hard and forgot the pain in her hip.  This energy of fear and love was overwhelming.  She found the bottle beside his favorite statue of Padre Pio and ran back to the door almost tripping over Nino who was even more excited then her, he kept climbing on the furniture and lamenting with a loud cry and then jumping off and running to the door and back to her, as if trying to tell her something that she just had witnessed.
As she got to the door, she opened it, held her breath and in loud words made the sign of the cross with the holy water towards the figure saying “In the name of Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen”.  The figure fell to his knees and slowly cried out  “Alda, please help me in, I need nourishment quickly, do not let me speak further until this is done”.   She bend down to grab him and helped him get inside the house, he was electric, she felt a surge of energy as she touched him, this did not frighten her, she expected it.
He sat on the living room chair and again expressed his need for food.  She did not know what to give him, her mind was full of so many questions, yet she had to hold back, this was not the moment to ask.  She quickly went into the kitchen grabbing a banana and a water, bringing it to him, to which  he grabbed like he had not eaten in a long time, he seemed famished.  As he was eating and drinking, she went back to the kitchen to make some sunny side up eggs and toast.  She saw some tomatoes in the fridge and was going to slice them and then remembered, he hates tomatoes, so she served him the eggs and toast alone.
After eating the banana, he got up to go to the table where she had put down his food.  He carried a cane and slowly made his way to the table.  She went to get the water he left by the chair and brought it to him, he nodded his head as if to say, thank you.
She watched him intensely as he ate.  Then, no longer able to control herself said “Nick, what the fuck are you doing here, please do not tell me it’s the end, I do not want to hear it!”
He looked up at her and started to cry, after a few moments he said to her, “Alda, you know exactly what it is that I am doing here, and you, are part of this, you have been granted your wish, this is why I am here”.
“No!” she cried out.  “Please do not tell me the time is here, it can’t be” she continued.
“Alda” he said, “I was sent here to accompany you for when the time is here you will be fighting not hiding, we still have a few years to wait and plan, a plan unknown to them”.
She looked at him intently and fondly and replied, “I have always known this day would come, I did not refuse, I accepted the challenge, and am proud to be able to have you  by my side, together we will  be invincible, My Lady  sorry, Our Lady promised me that we will be victorious, Victory is ours, let that horrible day come to pass, we are awaiting it, but cry for those that will oppose, they will lose”.
She went to him, he opened his arms and hugged her like it was the last day on earth.

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