Guest Submission: Living In Faith Alone

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By Teresa Baker-Carl

Alone in the world which contains me;
left in the forest which would see me die,
I’m gathering strength from the teachings of Christ,
to battle the enemy’s lie.

The lie would convince me I have no place left
in this world of isolation;
an attempt to induce me to give up my soul
and shrink into eternal damnation.

But the strength I’ve received from praying;
the delight I’ve found in delaying to allow this lie to to let me die,
have left me resting in the arms of my Love.

I stand in defiance of evil, fighting each new battle I face;
turning in faith to my Lover
knowing He’ll never leave me to be crushed by the forces of eternal disgrace.

I can feel the joy of Salvation
rushing throughout my veins;
fighting the urge to finally give up
the sweetness of my heavenly gains.

No more can death be a sorrow;
no more can it be a defeat;
for I know the blessings of consolation
by the Love Who has rescued me.

Oh my God, I love You;
I love this Faith, this Hope, this giving up,
to living my life for Thee alone
until You have come to take me home.

My God, my God,
I worship You alone.

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